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About EENet

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is a mental health and addictions knowledge exchange network that connects stakeholders across Ontario. The EENet community includes researchers, clinicians, decision-makers, service providers, system planners, policymakers, persons with lived experience, and families. The network promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making, develops targeted knowledge translation products and tools, and supports interactive exchanges. Click below to watch a video about the network – or here.

EENet aims to support a better mental health and addictions system in the province by building capacity to respond to knowledge gaps in practice and policy, ensuring that mental health and addictions practices and policies are informed by sound evidence, and enabling stakeholders to generate and exchange knowledge. To accomplish these goals EENet works to:

  • Filter evidence;
  • Amplify ideas;
  • Build capacity;
  • Connect stakeholders;
  • Support communities; and
  • Facilitate action*

The structure of EENet is founded on a “network of networks” concept: new and already existing networks link to EENet, resulting in broad, province-wide linkages that build on how stakeholders are already connected in the system. EENet is supported by the EENet Management and Resource Centre, which is located in the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). PSSP is a program of CAMH that is focused on supporting improvements in Ontario’s mental health and addictions system. EENet includes knowledge brokers, a communications associate, and knowledge exchange leads located throughout Ontario. It receives direction and guidance from a steering committee representing diverse perspectives from across the province.

Learn more info about the network here, or check out the French version.

To find out what the network has been up to lately, check out the back issues of our newsletter here.

* Adapted from Enrique Mendizabal’s “Understanding Networks: The Functions of Research Policy Networks” (2006).

About EENet Connect

EENet Connect is an online community where members of Ontario’s mental health and addictions system can create profiles, share knowledge, and collaborate more effectively with one another. The community reinforces existing relationships, while allowing new connections to take root and grow.

Some cool features of EENet Connect include a calendar of events, webinars, and workshops; an interactive map that shows where stakeholders are located and what they’re doing; and discussion forums to continue the dialogue among members and connect them with each other.

To sign up for EENet Connect click here!