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NANDINI SAXENA, Manager, Knowledge Exchange
Nandini is Manager, Knowledge Exchange in the PSSP at CAMH. She has worked in the fields of international development, citizen engagement in the development of public policy, and KE for 15 years, leading and supporting a variety of large-scale projects. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master’s in Social Work at U of T. Nandini has lived in a variety of places, including Toronto, Victoria BC (where she studied photography for one year), Ottawa, New Delhi, and small town England – but she calls Toronto “home.” She loves exploring the greener parts of the city by bike, and actively pursues yoga.
nandini.saxena [at] camh [dot] ca

Alex Harrison croppedALEXANDRA HARRISON, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Alexandra is a KE Lead working in Simcoe-Muskoka (located in Penetanguishene). Her academic background includes undergraduate work in biochemistry and graduate work in sociology, with interests in health promotion, cultural competence, social exclusion, and HIV/AIDS. As a part of EENet and CAMH, she is excited to help facilitate meaningful relationships between our mental health partners. Her spare time is dedicated to an energetic two-year-old (and the occasional extra-hot latte).
alexandra.harrison [at] camh [dot] ca

ANGELA YIP, Knowledge Broker 
Located at the EENet Management and Resource Centre in Toronto, Angela is a knowledge broker with a background in neuroscience. She has worked for a number of years in health systems and services research, and is currently focused on transferring evidence into practice and policy. As a devout snowboarder, Angela is one of the only team members who welcomes the winter. When there isn’t snow on the ground, you’ll find her golfing, dreaming about eclectic cuisine and travelling to find it! (Angela pictured left.)
angela.yip [at] camh [dot] ca

Cristina BedwardCRISTINA BEDWARD, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Cristina, who is trilingual (English, French & Spanish), is a KE Lead in our Ottawa office. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa in Biomedical Sciences and her Masters of Public Health at the University of Waterloo. While doing her Masters, Cristina undertook a knowledge translation project with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. She has worked in the health sector for close to ten years in a variety of settings and jurisdictions. Most recently she worked as a policy analyst with Public Health Ontario. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking and curling up with a good book.
cristina.bedward [at] camh [dot] ca

CurtisCURTIS HILDEBRANDT, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Curtis is a KE lead in Thunder Bay, representing the Northwest Region. A lifetime resident of Northwestern Ontario (Longlac and Thunder Bay) Curtis has over a decade of experience in the life sciences and forensic fields. As part of his former role, he conducted genetics-based research and performed forensic casework, and was involved in several historical cases, including identifying the unknown child from the Titanic disaster, the missing Romanov children from the Bolshevik revolution, and over a dozen previously unidentified Canadian soldiers from WWI and WWII. As self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Curtis graduated from the school of Business at the University of Phoenix with a Doctor of Management degree in 2013, specializing in Organizational Leadership and focusing on the return of healthy employees. He graduated from Lakehead University in 2003 with a Master’s in Biology, and 2001 with an honors degree in Anthropology. In his spare time, he likes to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoys boxing, golfing, and playing hockey.
curtis.hildebrandt [at] camh [dot] ca

DHuggett-bio picDEANNA HUGGETT, Reginal Knowledge Exchange Lead
Deanna is a KE Lead in our London office. She is a physiotherapist by background and practiced as a clinician for a number of years before managing a team of rehabilitation professionals. Wanting a systems-level view, Deanna worked as part of a policy team at Health Canada that focused on neurological health, seniors and aging, and community-based care. After relocating from Ottawa to London, Deanna provided KE and strategy support to a national coalition of non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of people affected by brain conditions. Deanna enjoys merging her broad background with her professional passions for systems integration and collaboration. When not chasing after her two energetic boys with her husband, Deanna loves to head out for a run and plans to return to competing in ironman triathlons (in a few years)!
deanna.huggett [at] camh [dot] ca

dorinasimeonovDORINA SIMEONOV, Knowledge Broker
Dorina has a Master’s of Science with a focus on health policy and health service research. She has worked as a project manager and most recently as a policy analyst at the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division. Dorina is interested in engaging with diverse stakeholders to make a positive impact on the health system and beyond. She is a Board Member of Art City St. James Town and a contributor to the Robb Nash project. In her spare time, she makes art ranging from abstract expressionist paintings to dinosaur nesting dolls. Dorina also loves to bike, travel and learn new things at her obstacle course training gym.
dorina.simeonov [at] camh [dot] ca

Emma croppedEMMA FIRSTEN-KAUFMAN, Knowledge Broker
Emma has a Master’s of Public Health and a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Toronto, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in International Development from McGill University. With a background in health promotion and global health, she has contributed to various research projects, knowledge exchange portfolios, and programs in Toronto and internationally. Emma is dedicated to improving health equity and access to health services and resources for women, youth, and diverse under-served or marginalized populations. She spends her spare time practicing Spanish, doodling, and dancing.
emma.firsten-kaufman [at] camh [dot] ca

Ghada KhoraychGHADA KHORAYCH, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Ghada is a KE Lead in the GTA region (Toronto office). She has worked in the KE field for several years, including with Public Health Ontario, where she developed tailored health promotion materials, and Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), where she coordinated various educational events. Ghada completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Sociology and minors in English and Psychology at the University of Toronto, and a Master’s in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Ghada’s own experience of navigating the mental health system has given her first-hand knowledge of the strengths and areas of opportunity that exist within it. She’s passionate about making changes to support the mental health of Ontarians. In her spare time Ghada loves to volunteer, to write, and to spend time with family, friends and her two monkeys—Tucker the dog and Lily the cat.
ghada.khoraych [at] camh [dot] ca

JAI MILLS, Steering Committee Member
Jai is the Mental Health and Addictions Co-Lead at the Central East LHIN. She is also an Integration Consultant and the Lead for the Aboriginal Strategy. She has worked in the mental health system since 1977 in both hospital- and community-based roles. Jai’s current role has allowed her to transfer her clinical and administrative skills to a systems level, and allowed her to work on a number of projects that have improved services to people with mental health and substance abuse issues. She is a strong supporter of a health care system that works from the client perspective, and believes that knowledge is key to that philosophy. Jai lives in Oshawa with her partner, their daughters, (youngest two of four), their four cats, a Labrador Retriever, and various squirrels. Regardless of the weather, Jai is an avid runner and enjoys her hobby of reading voraciously about Reformation History.
jai.mills [at] lhins [dot] on [dot] ca

JASON GURIEL, EENet SupervisorNew Jason
Jason is our communications and social media coordinator, located at the EENet Management and Resource Centre in Toronto. He brings to his role a background in KE, research communications, and English literature. As a graduate student, he helped develop a Research Snapshot format that has been adopted by several institutions. In his spare time, he worries about grammar and writes for various magazines.
jason.guriel [at] camh [dot] ca

Jassica ElgieJESSICA ELGIE, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Jessica is the KE lead in Kingston. She has worked in a variety of sectors, such as public health, post-secondary institutions, non-profit, and hospitals, and has also worked as an independent consultant. Her work has had a strong focus on health promotion and she is experienced in training and education, research and evaluation, program and resource development, and project management. She recently completed her MA in Adult Education and Community Development from Athabasca University with a focus on interprofessional collaboration and peer-to-peer education. She spends her free time running after a very active toddler while trying to squeeze in things like cooking, traveling, and music festivals.
jessica.elgie [at] camh [dot] ca

Kate Stechyshyn

KATE STECHYSHYN, Knowledge Broker
Kate holds a Master’s of Public Health from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from the University of Ottawa. For her Master’s placement she worked overseas in Tanzania exploring diseases carried by mosquitoes. She has worked in a variety of sectors including: government, not-for-profit, and academia. Communication and evidence-informed policy has played a key role in all the positions she has held and she strives to make research accessible for all. Kate spends her spare time outdoors or hunting down new coffee shops.
kate.stechyshyn [at] camh [dot] ca

matthew-hollingshead2MATT HOLLINGSHEAD, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Matt is a KE Lead working in the GTA region of Ontario (Toronto Office). He’s a registered Social Worker, having received his Bachelor of Social Work from Carleton University in Ottawa, and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto. Matt comes with experience promoting evidence-informed practice and knowledge exchange across Canada’s child welfare sector. He is interested in working to bridge the gaps between how formal and informal knowledge are used to make decisions that impact marginalized individuals and communities. An avid fan of the cinema, his favourite films are Wayne’s World, Dumb and Dumber, National Treasure.
matthew.hollingshead [at] camh [dot] ca

Michael Weyman croppedMICHAEL WEYMAN, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead
Michael is a KE Lead in our Hamilton Office. He is on secondment to us from the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario (PGIO) at CAMH, where he is an educator and addiction clinician. His work is guided by a strong value in evidence-based care and effective knowledge exchange practices. Before PGIO, Michael was a mental health clinician at CAMH and had an earlier career in information technology. He received a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from McMaster University and a Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.
michael.weyman [at] camh [dot] ca

RAYMOND CHENG, Steering Committee Member
Raymond is a Policy Analyst and Knowledge Exchange Facilitator who joined the Ontario Peer Development Initiative (OPDI) after a year-long refresher at York University in 2005. His position is informed by his previous experience included being E.D. at an ethnoracial CSI, sitting for many years on the Board of CAMH and the Clarke Institute, an English literature degree at Glendon College, and persistent enthusiasm at attending face-to-face meetings after two decades of mental health reform (and counting). Raymond is married and is owned by his ten-year old stepson, and they like to go to Raptors games together as a family.
raymond [at] opdi [dot] org

Rebecca Phillips KonigsREBECCA PHILLIPS KONIGS, Knowledge Broker
Rebecca has a B.A. in Psychology from Carleton University and an M.A. in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria. Through working at the B.C. Ministry of Health and Alberta Health, she has a background in provincial health policy and stakeholder engagement. In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys volunteering with youth, spending time with family, pondering the meaning of life, and exploring the world with her partner Rodrigo.

ROSSANA CORIANDOLI, Communications Coordinator
Rossana is our communications coordinator, working in the EENet Management and Resource Centre in Toronto. She brings to her role more than 25 years of experience as a medical and health writer and editor. Her academic background is in journalism and English literature. She is passionate about patient empowerment in the health care context through public education. In her spare time, Rossana enjoys cooking, watching movies, going to the theatre, travelling, and putting her feet up with a good book.
rossana.coriandoli [at] camh [dot] ca

RUPINDER CHERA, Knowledge Exchange Lead
Rupi is a KE lead in the Kingston office. She has worked on various projects involving diverse groups, including children and adolescents as well as Aboriginal populations. Rupi is interested in working towards health security for marginalized individuals, developing innovative solutions through a multi-sectoral approach that combines evidence-based research, social determinants of health, knowledge exchange, policy development, and youth engagement and sustainability. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Biology and minors in Sociology and Botany from the University of Toronto, a Doctor of Medicine degree from SABA University School of Medicine, and a Master’s of Public Health from Western University. In her spare time, Rupi loves baking, watching movies, traveling, working out at the gym and spending time with family and friends.
rupinder.chera [at] camh [dot] ca

WALTER CAVALIERI, Steering Committee Member
After a long, restless, and successful career as a stage manager, acting teacher, and arts publicist in New York and Canada, Walter settled down to study and practice social work. Initially he worked with youth on Toronto’s downtown hustlers’ stroll, and later with inner-city adults, developing and delivering street-based harm reduction and peer training programs, researching the lives and practices of street-involved drug users, and honing his skills as a gadfly. He also worked part time for nine years as a personal therapist at Ryerson University’s counselling centre and for almost as many years as a Research Officer with the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine: HIV Social, Behavioural and Epidemiological Studies Unit. Walter is a co-founder of HIV Edmonton, the Canadian Harm Reduction Network, the Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force, and the Canadian Drug Policy Consortium.
walter.cavalieri [at] rogers [dot] com