HC Link’s 2017 Conference Theme & Opening Keynote Announced

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Save the date for the HC Link 2017 Conference on November 20 & 21, 2017 at the BMO Institute for Learning, Toronto: Linking for Healthy Communities: With Everyone, For Everyone.

HC Link’s 2017 The conference will be a safe, open space for curiosity, self-reflection and conversation about how to work across difference to build more inclusive communities.

Linking for Healthy Communities 2017 will explore how communities can work with EVERYONE to create communities healthy for EVERYONE.

  • Build your understanding of equity, diversity, cultural humility, inclusion and allyship. 
  • Ask questions, reflect, and learn in a safe space for open conversation.
  • Learn practical strategies to build inclusive communities.

If you work in healthy communities, community development, health promotion or the social determinants of health, the Linking for Healthy Communities conference is for you. 

Watch this video to learn more about our conference.

Opening Keynote Speaker – Kim Katrin Milan

Kim is a dynamic community organizer and advocate of equality and inclusion. As a writer, consultant and educator, she helps people build their ability to relate to others -- especially to those who, on the surface, may seem quite different than ourselves.

Her intersectional approach to human rights reframes the golden rule: instead of considering how we want to be treated, “treat others the way they want to be treated”. 

Kim gives people a solid foundation for understanding the experiences of others and acting in allyship. Committed to the issues and inspiring in her approach to solutions, she makes creating large scale change accessible by focusing on small meaningful actions and choices.

Registration opening in early summer

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