Interactive reporting software introduced to clinicians

EPYC is rolling right along. The interactive GAIN SS reporting software is complete, but is still on the test platform. We have introduced it to clinicians and other users at two agencies where we received feedback that the software will add value to their work by allowing clients to engage with their GAIN scores and discuss their treatment progress. Because of the challenge of internet connectivity, we are discussing the possibility of developing a tablet app in the new year.

On a broader scale, we are continuing to ensure the EPYC project aligns with other DTFP funded projects, such as EENet and the Staged Screening andAssessment project, as well as with DATIS and the work of the DTFP Evaluation team.

Demand for the new tool is currently greater than supply; many agencies who have heard about this project are interested in learning about how they can become a part of the EPYC movement.

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