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The Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development focuses on generating evidence, transmitting knowledge and growing academic capacity that focuses on the first 2000 days of life - from conception to age six - to support the goal that each child has the best start in the life.

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About the Fraser Mustard Institute

Evidence is mounting that what happens to us in the first 2,000 days of life—from conception to age six—can be critical to our long-term well-being. However, as a society we still don’t do enough to provide every child the opportunity to have the best start in life by optimizing this important developmental period.

The Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development is a bold and necessary response to this challenge. The Institute brings together University of Toronto researchers from a variety of disciplines—such as education, medicine, economics, psychology, biology and social work.

It also provides the means to generate new knowledge regarding early human development, breaking down academic silos and professional boundaries to develop innovative, transdisciplinary synergies.

The institute's work will enable the science of early human development to integrate with the design of our health and education programs. This will bring together those who are responsible for the well-being of our children— researchers, policy makers, educators, families and caregivers—in an active and equal partnership to create and share knowledge.

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