OPOC tool being rolled out across Ontario

The OPOC-MHA extends beyond client satisfaction, looking at the client’s perception of the services they receive relative to a standard of quality care in key areas. The tool is being rolled out in addiction and mental health organizations across Ontario, with work underway in about half of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

Key activities underway include:

  • A central, web-based data repository is under construction! OPOC-MHA will have its own technological home, allowing data analysis at program, agency, LHIN and system levels.
  • Standardized reports, as well as an implementation guide and orientation webinar, are in development.
  • LHIN-level implementation plans are in development for the first wave of the roll out.
  • Early adopter agencies and OPOC site beta testers are being identified.

Important next steps include launching the data repository and beta-testing functionality, refining orientation and implementation materials, and building reporting capabilities.

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