Project team convenes group to consult on tool methodology

The project team held an advisory circle with project partners to discuss the vision and content for the trauma-informed substance use screening and assessment tools.

The advisory circle agreed to convene a methodology circle, made up of two CAMH researchers, a First Nations psychologist, and a Métis PhD candidate to provide direction and input on the tool’s methodology. This methodology circle will consult on the process for the tool’s development.

The project team recently met with the methodology circle and will be providing the advisory circle with an update of this discussion and the proposed plan for next steps.

The next steps for the project are:

  • Work to schedule a larger stakeholder meeting in February 2016 to provide project status and updates.
  • Host additional advisory circles in the coming months to continue to build dialogue around the development of these tools.
  • Schedule development site visits to conduct capacity building circles with staff, with the goal of gathering more information on the tool’s content and process.

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