SARM ‘Bytes’ Back

The Best Practice Screening and Assessment Procedures project and the Client Recovery Monitoring Project – formerly known as the Screening, Assessment, and Recovery Monitoring (SARM) project – is working to develop and implement a revised protocol to assess clients entering addictions treatment and a system to monitor the outcomes of those clients in Ontario.

The project team will continue to pilot group intake processes and evaluate new technologies, examine relationships to mental health measures, and finalize revisions to the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs Q3—Motivational Interview (GAIN-Q3 MI), including a French translation.

The team is also developing a manual on the recovery monitoring process, reviewing additional measures to monitor the client’s progress while receiving treatment, and consulting with a range of providers to improve the follow-up process.

Finally, the SARM team is in the process of analyzing data gathered from the GAIN-Q3 MI and developing ‘data bytes’ – plain language one-pagers – on topics that arose from the data, including concurrent disorders, characteristics of substance use (such as type of drugs, multiple drug use, abuse versus dependence), trauma, staged approach screening and assessment, and change in service use.

The project team has also initiated a dialogue with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit stakeholders to explore the potential of cultural adaptation of the screening and assessment tools.

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