Trainer certification is underway

Engagement and implementation is underway across Ontario for the new Staged Screening and Assessment process!

Eight of the 14 LHINs are fully engaged in local LHIN GAIN Q3 MI ONT trainer certification. These trainers will help ensure the new process is scaled up and sustainable in their communities.  In most of these LHINs, trainers have already started to support the training and certification of other service providers. DTFP implementation coaches are working with organizations to support agency level implementation.

The DTFP Evaluation Coordinator has consolidated feedback from surveys and ongoing discussions with early adopters, which has resulted in changes being made to improve training and implementation processes.

The DTFP team has also started engaging the remaining six LHINs as a first step towards context specific implementation planning. Two GAIN Q3 MI ONT train-the-trainer sessions are being organized for the next wave of local trainer candidates. To date, about 90 service providers are at some stage of the trainer certification process.

In the next few months, work will continue to support trainer candidates to attain certification, agency implementation planning, and LHIN planning in the new wave of LHINs.  The CAMH implementation team will also be working on sustainability plans for the provincial implementation.

The team has also developed LHIN-specific newsletters, to highlight implementation activities and next steps in each region. Check them out here:

Champlain LHIN newsletter
Mississauga Halton LHIN newsletter
North East LHIN newsletter
Central East LHIN newsletter

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