Useful tips for youth about safer ways to use cannabis - #TheBluntTruth

Cannabis is one of the most frequently used substances among young people and higher in this population than any other age group.

This youth-education resource was developed for youth, by youth in collaboration with CAMH’s Youth Engagement Initiative, the National Youth Action Council (NYAC), and the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM). The resources is based on Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG).

This pocket-sized guide for youth—called #TheBluntTruth—provides evidence-based information on cannabis, using a conversational tone to explain the health and safety risks of cannabis and 10 recommendations to reduce these risks.

The guide can also be used to start a conversation about cannabis use with young people.

Download the PDF version of the guide in English.

Download plain text version in English.

Purchase the guidelines from the CAMH store.

You can also download Canada's lower-risk cannabis use guidelines.

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