ReInspired: A podcast series by EENet



A podcast series by EENet

Welcome to our podcast series, Re-Inspired, where we will dive into one research article at a time to understand why it’s important and how it might impact people’s lives. Throughout the series we will be exploring different mental health and addictions topics and how you can apply the research to your work.

This podcast is brought to you by EENet or the Evidence Exchange Network. 

This podcast series is based off of something we create here at EENet called Research Snapshots. Our Snapshots are plain language summaries of research, developed from journal articles. They help get right to the point about what the research is about and how you can use it. For more information, go to and search Research Snapshots.

For the rest of the podcast series, we will be profiling Research Snapshots that touch on themes in our Sharing Together initiative.  Sharing Together is an evidence priority agenda for Ontario, that aims to promote the use of evidence by service providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to improve Ontarian’s experience with the healthcare system, quality of care, and overall health and wellbeing.

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Episode 1: Under the Influence - In this podcast, we will talk with Leia Minaker about her research article "Under the Influence" to learn more about risky driving and cannabis use among youth. Find out what the research says and how you can use this information in your work.

Episode 2: The Effects of Increasing Alcohol Availability & Accessibility - Coming soon!


Project Contact: 

Rebecca or Michelle at eenetpodcast [at] camh [dot] ca

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