Strengthening treatment systems initiative – improving practices in addiction services (New Brunswick)

Project description/objectives

The overall goal of New Brunswick’s Strengthening Treatment Systems Initiative is to strengthen the evidence-informed substance abuse treatment system. Objectives are:

  • To ensure the integration of best and promising practices in addiction within a new enhanced information system (screening, assessment, service use);
  • To increase access to clinical tools that informs practice and the knowledge to implement them in practice;
  • To increase consistency in the provision of quality addiction services across the province;
  • To increase capacity to monitor the performance of the treatment system;
  • To increase capacity to make decisions about resources and service priorities based on New Brunswick data;
  • To ensure opportunities for a healthy population; and
  • To increase capacity to make decisions about effective service delivery.
Project Contact: 

Project lead

Annie Pellerin, Health Consultant, Addiction, Mental Health, Primary Health Care and Extra-Mural Program, New Brunswick Department of Health

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