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Outside our borders: EENet contributes to Qualaxia

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is delighted to announce a new dedicated space on the Qualaxia website, focused on “Mental Health Policy in Ontario.” The space will feature blogs, tools, links, and resources that make knowledge about mental health policy in Ontario more accessible. 

Qualaxia is a virtual network that aims to improve public mental health. The network connects researchers, experts, decision-makers, managers, clinicians, and graduate students. (You can read more about the network here.)

EENet developed the content in collaboration with the Health Promotion and Prevention Unit at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). The Ontario-based network looks forward to creating more content in the near future for its Québec-based peer.

“Working with Qualaxia has been a great experience,” notes Heather Bullock (left), Director of Knowledge Exchange at CAMH. “Although EENet’s mandate is to make Ontario’s mental health and addictions system more evidence-informed, it’s important to stay-connected with what’s happening outside our borders. For example, EENet recently supported knowledge exchange for ten Ontario Systems Projects, funded by the Drug Treatment Funding Program (DTFP) – but we also hosted webinars on how the DTFP was rolling out in other provinces.”

“Our collaboration with EENet is a rich asset for Qualaxia,” says Louise Fournier (left), Executive and Scientific Director of Qualaxia. “As a Network, we believe in the strengths of partnering with other organizations to collaboratively address the great burden that mental health problems represent while effectively maximizing resource sharing of the partners involved.”

To check out the “Mental Health Policy” page and read our first blog for Qualaxia, click here. You can subscribe to Qualaxia’s newsletter Quazette here.