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Health Canada Drug Treatment Funding Program webinar series, featuring the Trauma and Substance Use project

On Thursday, February 21, 2013, EENet hosted a webinar on Women, Trauma, and Substance Use: Guidelines for Informed Practices, one of eleven Ontario DTFP Systems Projects.

The Ontario DTFP Trauma and Substance Use project team is developing guidelines to support organizations that provide substance use treatment services for women. The prevalence of trauma among substance‐ involved women is high. System‐wide use of trauma‐informed practices will help service providers to understand the interconnections of trauma and substance use, and to engage and provide improved care for substance‐involved women.

Nancy Bradley, Project Lead and Director of the Jean Tween Centre, and Janine Gates, Project Consultant, focused on:

  • An overview of the project
  • What are trauma‐informed practices?
  • How have guidelines been developed?
  • Next steps

This webinar is the fourteenth in the Pan-Canadian: Health Canada DTFP Webinar Series, which connects stakeholders across provinces and territories as we work towards the shared goal of improving our substance use treatment systems.

Watch it here.

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Categories: Addiction / Substance Use Problem , Gender , Service Providers , Trauma and Violence

Source: Nancy Bradley