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Asking bisexual people about their experiences with mental health services

Bisexual people have high rates of mental health problems as a result of minority stress, social isolation, and stigmatization. It’s important then, that mental health service providers be educated about bisexuality, and provide supports and services that address the unique needs of bisexual people.

Recently, researchers set out to explore the experiences, good and bad, that bisexual people have had with mental health services. They interviewed 55 people from across Ontario – individually or in focus groups. What they found can provide mental health service providers with valuable insights and tips for better supporting bisexual clients.

EENet has developed a Research Snapshot of the article, “Bisexual people’s experiences with mental health services: A qualitative investigation,” by Lori E. Ross, Allison Eady, and Cheryl Dobinson. It was originally published in Community Mental Health Journal, vol. 47, no. 4 (2011): 378-89. Research Snapshots are brief, clear language summaries of research articles, presented in a user-friendly format.

Keywords: Bisexual, Mental health, Barriers to care, Service satisfaction, Service provider, Sexual identity, Sexual orientation

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Categories: LGBTQ , Mental Health , Service Providers , Treatment, Supports, and Services

Source: Lori Ross