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Determinants of mental health for newcomer youth: Policy and service implications (2010)

There is a lack of Canadian research on the mental health of newcomer youth. To fill this gap, researchers undertook a study that looked at the social determinants of newcomer youth mental health. The youth who participated in the study reported a number of stressors and challenges that affect their mental health, including challenges with learning English, entering the labour market, adjusting to the education system, and accessing information. They also reported systemic discrimination and exclusions that affect their social, economic, and mental wellbeing. The authors make a series of recommendations to better serve these youth and their families.

EENet has developed a Research Report Round-up of the report, “The real cost of homelessness: Can we save money by doing the right thing?”

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Categories: Children / Youth , Health Equity , Health Systems and Services , Newcomer Populations , Policymakers , Social Determinants of Health , Stigma / Discrimination

Source: Yogendra B. Shakya