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Helping Children, Youth and their Families: Integrating Care and Respecting Client Confidentiality (2013)

When children and youth access services from more than one organization, it often becomes necessary for the various organizations to exchange information in order to coordinate services effectively. In order to comply with the different legal specifications on the sharing of information, consent needs to be obtained. An integrated care model of consent allows service providers to share client information and work together in a coordinated manner.

A new report, developed by the Student Support Leadership Initiative, looks at issues related to consent and confidentiality. EENet has developed a Research Report Round-up of the report “Helping Children, Youth and their Families: Integrating Care and Respecting Client Confidentiality.”

Research Report Round-ups are brief summaries of research reports, presented in a user-friendly format.

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Categories: Children / Youth , Health Systems and Services , Service Providers , Treatment, Supports, and Services