DTFP Ontario System Projects Hold Knowledge Exchange Event

On March 7, the 11 Ontario system DTFP project leads came together with system planners, representatives from various ministries, and stakeholders from different fields to share the projects’ main messages and their application to the substance use treatment system. The aim was to stimulate reflection and discussion on implications for the provincial and federal governments, and the Ontario addictions system as a whole.

Main Messages from the Client Satisfaction/Perception of Care project:

We have developed a new standardized, evidence-based, staged screening and assessment procedure for addictions agencies. Our focus was the development of a new set of tools to replace the existing Admission and Discharge Criteria and Assessment Tools (ADAT). This new set, the GAIN-Q3 MI ONT and staged screening tools are intended to aid in treatment planning and selection of appropriate level of care for individuals entering the addictions system. This offers high value for system advocacy and accountability. For this new set of tools to be implemented successfully, noted Dr. Brian Rush, we must ensure that wide-ranging partners and stakeholders are engaged throughout the implementation process.

During the DTFP KE event, participants had an opportunity to ask questions for project leads. Below is one question posed to Dr. Brian Rush and his answer:

Q: It’s not clear what the difference is between “refresh” versus “replace”; it would be helpful to map to ADAT and be specific about what stays versus what goes.

A: The principles of ADAT have not changed. The work of this project was not to replace the decision tree for guiding treatment planning and selection of appropriate level of care for clients entering the addiction services system, but to replace the tools.

View the highlights video from Dr. Brian Rush discussing the project’s main messages and take a look at the project’s takeaway one-pager.

Ontario DTFP KE Event - Best Practice Screening and Assessment Procedures project (March 7, 2014) from EENet on Vimeo.

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