Increasing peer resistance skills through a school-based intervention

The Fourth R is an evidence-based intervention in schools that teaches youth how to have healthy relationships. Students who participate in the program learn strategies that can reduce their likelihood of engaging in peer pressure scenarios.

Researchers examined the peer resistance skills of youth who had been exposed to a healthy relationships curriculum. Through the use of roleplay, trained observers recorded the frequency of participation in peer resistance skills. Results showed that youth who participated in the healthy relationships program were more likely to have peer resistance skills when pressured to use drugs or alcohol, have unsafe sex, or witness peer violence than students who had not participated in the curriculum.

To find out more about the study read this Research Snapshot developed by Western’s Centre for School Mental Health. EENet is pleased to present this Research Snapshot as part of our partner series. This and other research summaries can be found at

The study authors were Dr. David Wolfe; Dr. Claire Crooks; Deb Chiodo; Ray Hughes, Dr. Wendy Ellis (2012). The study was published in the journal  Prevention Science, volume 13, 2012.

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