The municipal alcohol policy guide

People drink alcohol during their leisure activities. Often these activities are held in municipally owned facilities and are run by municipalities, sporting groups, service clubs and individual citizens for socializing, celebrating and fundraising purposes. 

The Toolkit and Resources sections of CAMH's Municipal Alcohol Policy Guide will help you develop a Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP). A MAP establishes rules and regulations, standards, and requirements for the legal operation of events held in municipally owned facilities where alcohol will be served and in a manner consistent with the liquor licence regulations of your province, territory or state. It helps renters run safer events where adults can still have fun, raise money and drink alcohol. It also tells the public about their responsibilities and potential liability when hosting events where alcohol is available.

By developing a Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) through a community-involved policy formulation process, communities can manage alcohol use better in their indoor and outdoor municipal facilities. 

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