Value-based partnerships: 5 ways to improve partner engagement

Building, funding, and maintaining successful partnerships isn’t easy.  Every day you engage in partnerships that influence your reputation and your results. Your relationships can be collaborative or competitive, transactional or transformational. Value-based partnering is about learning to leverage the best of others for mutual benefit and growth.

On February 4, 2014, EENet presented part 2 in a three-part webinar series featuring broker Enette Pauzé. She discussed:

  • Warnings – problems ahead
  • Five ways to improve partner engagement
  • Increasing your value experience
  • Q&A: Answers to your toughest partnership questions

The presenter

Enette Pauzé, PhD, is known as the Partnership Broker. Based on her leadership, business and research experience, Enette helps professionals build, fund and lead organizational partnerships that get better results faster and with fewer resources. Enette was the Project Director for EnHANCE Ontario, a 10-partner initiative with a vision to foster partnerships across primary care, mental health, and addiction organizations. She is the 2013 Toronto Chapter President for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Watch this webinar. This webinar part the second in a two part series. Watch part 1 and part 3.

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